Skiing Equipment

Skiing is a sport that requires a lot of equipment. The basics that skiers must have are skis and bindings, boots, and poles. The boots, bindings, and skis strap on to the foot and essentially become the skier's new feet. The ski poles are held in both hands and are used by the skier to propel him from stop to start and control the direction he is going. There are a large number of manufacturers offering this equipment for different skill levels and varying prices.

For those learning to ski for the first time, ski lodges will often have a beginners package that has everything a rookie skier needs to make that first thrilling run down a slope. Renting equipment may be the best option for both first timers and those who don't plan to ski regularly, as prices to purchase this equipment can be high.


Ski Boots and Bindings

Boots are vitally important to the skiing experience and performance. Getting boots that fit your feet perfectly gives you better control of your skis and will feel comfortable, allowing you to ski longer and better. Boots that are too tight will feel uncomfortable after just a few runs. Boots that are too loose can mean less control of the skis as well as abrasions on your feet. Bootfitting can...


Ski poles

Ski poles need to be strong enough to assist in planting turns, yet light enough so that your arms don't tire. Additionally, they need to be flexible enough so that a fall doesn't mangle them and require a new purchase. If you're a beginner, find a good ski pole that fits you. As skiers become more experienced, they want higher quality materials for a better strength-to-weight ratio. Strap desig...



There are different types of skis depending on the type of skiing. Touring skis are typically longer, narrower and lighter than metal-edge skis. This makes the skis faster and more efficient on tracks that are well maintained. Metal-edge touring skis are shorter for better maneuverability and wider to provide more stability and flotation in deeper snow. The metal edges give the skier better grip...


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